Hire Great People

“People are our greatest asset” ~ Dave Ulrich   Most leaders will say, “We want to hire on attitude and train skills”. But, despite having every intention of doing exactly that, they are struggle to recruit great people.   Why? Often it’s because they don’t know how.   Many world… Read More

How to Align, Empower & Engage Your People

Confucius said, “Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated”. The same is true of performance.   “When I look at teams who deliver sustained high performance, and teams who are great at taking on extreme challenges, I notice that they have three critical characteristics. Their people are… Read More

Rediscover Your Mojo

Where did my mojo go?   It probably won’t surprise you to know, this is a question I’ve heard A LOT during the last few years.   I’ve seen the situations change, but the challenges remain largely the same.   This time last year, we were in the grip of… Read More

How to build a World Class Culture

“The thing that I’ve learned at IBM is that culture is everything” ~ Lou Gerstner.   Culture… It’s what we say and do, and how we think, every day. Arguably, it’s one of the greatest drivers of success in organisations. What kind of culture do you have? What kind of… Read More

World Class Performance Conference 2023

“How can we continually out-think, out-manoeuvre and out-perform our competition?”   Most of the leaders I know are expecting the next couple of years to be extremely challenging. They are constantly searching for ways to stay ahead, find an edge and extend their competitive advantage; to out-think, out-manoeuvre and out-perform… Read More

How To Advance The Business From Home

“We can run the business whilst working from home… but we’re not advancing it from home”. “When we’re working from home, it’s like we’re treading water. We’re not sinking, but we’re not really going forwards either”.   These are challenges that a lot of business leaders are facing at the… Read More

How to develop Mindset & Character in your people

What attributes do you want in your people?   When I ask this question in business, I consistently hear the same answers.   We need them to be more focused, confident, motivated. We need them to step outside of their comfort zone. We need them to be more resilient, determined,… Read More

Mental Toughness
in Five Steps

How do you create a truly world-class business? How can you grow from good to great, and from great to world-class? For over 20 years, we’ve been working with and studying world-class performers, teams, leaders and organisations, to discover what differentiates them from their competitors. The World Class Business Masterclass,… Read More