Hire Great People

Thursday 8th February 2024

08:30am - 04:30pm

Location: LONDON,
(exact venue to be confirmed)

One Day Intensive

In partnership with 64TEQ

“People are our greatest asset” ~ Dave Ulrich


Most leaders will say, “We want to hire on attitude and train skills”.

But, despite having every intention of doing exactly that, they are struggle to recruit great people.



Often it’s because they don’t know how.


Many world class organisations recruit on character. They’ve found a way to hire on attitude and train skills.

During this personal and highly-interactive masterclass, Simon Hartley will share the recruitment methods that the best teams, leaders and organisations adopt. Through the course of the day, we’ll discover the simple, yet powerful approaches, that enable us to recruit great people. And, we will apply all of this to your organisation and build a recruitment framework that will enable you to hire ever-better people.


Who is it for?

This masterclass is specifically designed for those who lead organisations, such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Chief People Officers, Head Coaches & Performance Directors. To ensure that we provide maximum value, this masterclass is limited to just 12 people.


There are just 12 places available!

To join us, register now by emailing


£750 + VAT per person.



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The Speakers

Simon Hartley

Simon Hartley is a globally respected sport psychology consultant and performance coach. For over 25 years, Simon has worked with gold medallists, world record holders, world champions, top five world-ranked professional athletes, Olympians and championship winning teams.

Since 2011, Simon has published ten books, including Stronger Together; How Great Teams Work and Hire Great People

During the last 20 years, Simon has also applied the principles of sport psychology to business, education, healthcare and the charity sector. This has included projects with some of the world’s leading corporations and foremost executives. He is also an award winning international professional speaker, delivering keynotes throughout the world.

For more information on Simon, please visit www.be-world-class.com