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Be World Class TV

50+ episodes

£50 per month / £500 for unlimited access

Your world class treasure trove, straight to your inbox.

“It’s amazing how every single episode can be directly applied to business” – Chief Executive Officer

“Be World Class TV is pure magic! I’m recommending it to all my players” – Professional Football Coach

“I am so much more confident. I love my discomfort zone. It has honestly changed my life” – Senior Sales Executive

“I wish I’d had this when I started out. Who knows what I could have achieved by now?” – Business Founder & Entrepreneur.

Be World Class TV is…

A comprehensive programme to help you become world class.

Learn directly from world class performers, teams, leaders and organisations, such as…

  • A chef with multiple Michelin stars
  • A former SAS Major
  • An Olympic athlete
  • World Champions
  • A gold medal winning Olympic coach
  • A victorious Clipper round-the-world yacht skipper
  • A world barista champion
  • World record breakers

And many more!

Each month you will receive 1 x 15 minute ‘Deep Dive’


3 x 5 minute ‘High Impact Hit’.

Every week…
World class insight and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox!


Month 1 – World Class Mindset

Month 2 – Character

Month 3 – Mental Toughness

Month 4 – World Class Thinking

Month 5 – Become World Class

Month 6 – A Winning Mentality

Month 7 – Simplicity

Month 8 – World Class Leadership (Part I)

Month 9 – World Class Leadership (Part II)

Month 10 – How to Herd Cats

Month 11 – World Class Teams (Part I)

Month 12 – World Class Teams (Part II)

BONUS MONTH – Beyond Mindset



We offer a complete 30 day money-back guarantee.

If you try it and find it’s not for you, we’ll simply give you a full refund. 

Why not give it a try?



Start Now Free First Step

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