Professional Speaking

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  • World Class Performance Conference 2023
  • Globalaw Conference, Marrakesh 2023.
  • GE Global Leadership Conference, London (Opening Keynote)
  • GE Global Leaders, Dubai (Opening Keynote)
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership Conference 2021
  • World Class Leadership 2018
  • Be World Class Conference

ENQUIRE - UK, Europe & Asia.

ENQUIRE - U.S., Canada & South America.

Professional Speaking Topics Include...

  • World Class Mindset
  • World Class Teams
  • World Class Leadership
  • World Class Culture
  • How to Hire Great People
  • Resilience & Mental Toughness
  • How to Herd Cats
  • How to Thrive in Tough Times
  • Olympic Thinking

Gary King

WOW. We had Simon booked to deliver two keynotes to 60+ VIP clients and guests and he certainly did not disappoint. All our clients are experiencing challenges around team retention and recruitment and therefore Simon was a great fit. "How to hire on character" and "How to build a world class team" gave everybody tremendous insight into how to change good into great. The feedback was fantastic. If you are looking for a speaker to support you and your team, Simon is the man to support you.

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