Professional Speaking

How can we make an impact at your event?

A professional motivational speaker to…
Motivate and inspire your audience
Reinforce your messages
Provide a unique insight into world class performance.


  • Be World Class Conferences, 2011 & 2012
  • Brand Yorkshire Conference 2012
  • GE Global Leadership Conference 2013, London (Opening Keynote)
  • GE Global Field Services Conference 2013, Dubai (Opening Keynote)
  • Benfield Annual Management Conference 2012.
  • Sport Analytics Summit 2013.
  • Festival of Business 2012.


Professional Motivational Speaking Topics Include...

  • Being World Class.
  • How Ordinary People Become World Class.
  • The Habits Of World Class Teams
  • An Olympic Mind-set
  • Mental Toughness in Business
  • Maximum Performance
  • World Class Leadership
  • On… Herding Cats

Helen Clapham

Director of External Relations at The Grammar School at Leeds, responsible for marketing, communications and admissions.
Simon delivered the 2013 Mark Bailey Public Lecture for the Grammar School at Leeds. Simon used powerful examples and stories to deliver an insightful and inspiring presentation. The audience feedback has been extremely positive. Whether you were a primary school head teacher, an entrepreneur trying to grow their business or a student wanting to improve their performance Simon provided practical advice on how you could become 'world-class'.
March 25, 2013, Helen was Simon's client

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