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World Class Mindset Espresso – UPGRADE

90 minutes

Just £35

How can you engineer a World Class Mindset?


This programme builds on our FREE World Class Mindset Espresso.

(if you haven’t already found it, click HERE and hit the button at the foot of the page)


During the Espresso, we shared the ‘Deep Dive’ episode from the World Class Mindset month of Be World Class TV.

We explored the performance spirals and discovered how to engineer the positive spiral, and avoid the negative.


In this UPGRADE programme, we share the other five episodes from the World Class Mindset month.

You will find simple but powerful methods that Simon uses to help elite athletes and world class performers master their mindset.


  • “Processes & Outcomes” – discover how to achieve the outcomes you want by focusing on processes.
  • “Should – Need – Want” – you’ll find a simple approach to overcome procrastination and drive motivation.
  • “Confidence” – we share ‘The Confidence Scale’ and how to use this tool to elevate confidence.
  • “Motivation is P.E.A.R. Shaped” – you’ll find a powerful method that creates stable and enduring motivation.
  • “PuMP” – we share an approach that will enable you to grow Purpose, Meaning & Passion.



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Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to engineer a truly great mindset!

  • Business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Sales executives
  • Athletes

and many more.


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