Conference Affiliate FAQs


Affiliate FAQs 


What am I promoting?


You are promoting the Entrepreneurial Leadership Conference 2021.

It’s a one-day Conference event designed for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. Our mission is very simple…

To help entrepreneurs become better leaders


Business leaders become more entrepreneurial.


We will help people to become more innovative and creative… better at identifying and solving problems… better equipped for the challenges of today AND the one’s we can’t yet see.


What can I earn?


We pay 50%  commission on all sales.


How are sales tracked?


We use the AffiliateWP Platform – to create your links and also provide real-time tracking on your promotions.  This means you can see how effective your marketing efforts are.

This is a useful tool as it will show you what is working so you can do more of it.


Can I see what traffic I have sent?


Yes, AffiliateWP will show you all the traffic you have sent and if you are using Sub IDs and specific links it will show you all of those visitors too. 


When are payments made?


We make payments on the 10th day of the month. This will be based on products sold in the month before.  This allows for cancellations and clawbacks.


How are payment made?


We make affiliate payments via BACS transfer.


Can you help me get my links set up?


Yes we can help you with your links but we ask that initially you look at the guides in this Affiliate marketing centre to get you start and refer to your joining email.

So, don’t worry we are not leaving you to get on with it alone.  We understand for some people affiliate marketing is new.


I have a big email list. Can you promote something unique I can send to them?


Yes, do get in touch and we can discuss this. For those of you with big email lists or a big social media audience, we can look to create you something bespoke and unique.  This could be an article, lead magnet or in some cases a webinar.