Entrepreneurial Leadership Conference 2021

Thursday, 07 Oct, 2021

08:30am - 05:30pm

Lords Cricket Ground. London, UK

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How to solve the problems we can't yet see.

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“How can we become more innovative… more creative… better at spotting opportunities and solving problems?”


Recent times have taught us that the landscape can change dramatically overnight. The only thing that we can predict with any certainty, is that the world is becoming more uncertain.


How do you lead a team through uncertainty?

How can leaders enable their teams to successfully navigate uncharted territory?

How do they enable their teams to identify problems, spot opportunities and continually find enterprising & innovative solutions?

How can they answer the challenges of tomorrow?

How do they lead teams to achieve “the impossible”?


We’re going to find out!


Our mission for this event is simple…

We want to help leaders develop entrepreneurial thinking in themselves and their team!



We will help bridge the gap in thinking between leaders and their team… enable people become innovative & creative… to spot opportunities and make the most of them… to identify problems and find better solutions, both individually and collectively. 


During the Entrepreneurial Leadership Conference, we will learn from a diverse range of world class entrepreneurial leaders who have led their teams to solve countless unforeseen problems. Despite the adversity, they have found a way to become successful.



Jo Fairley – Co-founder of Green & Blacks.

Wing Commander Andy Green, OBE – The fastest man on Earth!

Lt. Col. Chris Gibson, MBE – The man who beat Ebola.

Penny Power, OBE – Founder of Ecademy; the world’s first social network.

Sandra Lee-Jo – Culture of Innovation Expert at Amazon

Mark Cuddigan – CEO of Ella’s Kitchen

Simon Hartley – Founder of Be World Class



Our new ‘Covid friendly’ format

This will be like a TV show filmed in front of a studio audience. 


Due to Covid restrictions, have a limited audience in the room.

So… we’re opening up LIVESTREAM access!

You can now attend from the comfort of your own home or office!!

This NOT a “Zoom Conference” or a “Virtual Summit”.

We will have an audience in the room and speakers on the stage.

The difference is… you can also join via your PC.


Virtual Tables

Why not bring your team… or invite some clients… or prospective clients as well?

We can create dedicated virtual breakout rooms for you and your team to get together, discuss issues, share ideas and plan how to apply the valuable insights that you gain during the day.


V.I.P. Virtual Tables

If you book a V.I.P. Table, each of our incredible speakers will drop into your Virtual Table for 15 mins during coffee and lunch breaks.

It’s a unique opportunity to meet these amazing people.

As them your questions… pick their brains.

What would they do if they were faced with your challenges?

This is a golden opportunity to get some world class input into your own challenges!


The Day

08.30  Registration, coffee & networking
09.00  Welcome – Simon Hartley
09.15  Wing Commander Andy Green, OBE – How to break   down barriers
10.15  Coffee
10.30  Lt. Col. Chris Gibson, MBE – How to achieve ‘the   impossible’
11.30  Penny Power, OBE – Challenges of the entrepreneurial   journey
12.30  Lunch
13.30  Sandra Lee-Jo – How to create a culture of innovation
14.30  Jo Fairley – Green & Blacks; From £20,000 to £100M
15.30  Coffee
15.45  Mark Cuddigan – How to keep thinking differently
16.15  Simon Hartley – Entrepreneurial Leadership
16.30  Thanks & close



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The Speakers

Wing Commander Andy Green, OBE

Wing Commander Andy Green, ‘The Fastest man on Earth’, is a serving Royal Air Force Fighter Pilot.Driving Richard Noble’s Thrust SSC (SuperSonic Car) in 1997, Andy and the team set the world’s first and only supersonic land speed record at an astonishing 763 mph, driving literally ‘faster than a speeding bullet’.ᅠ After setting the outright Land Speed Record in 1997, Andy went on to drive the JCB DIESELMAX car in 2006, setting a record of 350 mph for the world’s fastest diesel car ‘ powered by JCB digger engines.

Andy is now involved in perhaps the ultimate Land Speed Record challenge.ᅠ He is the driver for the new Bloodhound SSC, designed to reach an astonishing 1000 mph.ᅠ Using his previous Record-breaking experience, and drawing on his first-class Mathematics degree from Oxford and his experience as a Fighter Pilot, Andy is a central member of the design team for this remarkable jet- and rocket-powered Car.

This Project is linked through a major education programme into schools across the UK and to students around the world.ᅠ The Project aims to inspire the next generation of young engineers and scientists, while setting the most remarkable Land Speed Record of all time ‘ 1000 mph.

Penny Power, OBE.

Penny Power has a glossy image. Happily married with three children and awarded an OBE, she has founded three businesses; one global business that is recognised as ‘the first social network’ (pre-dating LinkedIn by four years), a national educational company that launched the UK’s first Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, and The Business Café.

She understands the struggle. In 2017, Penny realised that she was broken, not only through her business journey but also personal loss and adversity. She needed to reassess and decide if she wanted to be as ambitious as she has always been. Penny believes it is time that the human side of business is openly shared. In her book, Business is Personal, she describes herself as the torch bearer for emotional and mental well-being, vulnerability and psychological safety.

Penny motivates people through her honesty and a complete desire to set a benchmark that anyone can reach. Her talks are emotional and very relevant to anyone that strives, juggles life and would like to know the way others are dealing with this fast, crazy, connected and open world.

Jo Fairley

Jo Fairley is one of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs.
As co-founder of Green & Black’s chocolate – now approaching a £100million brand worldwide – she has an exceptional understanding of brand creation and development, and a talent for sharing that experience and insightful knowledge in the most inspirational way.
Since founding Green & Black’s chocolate in 1991, with just £20,000 of savings, she has built the brand into the world’s leading organic chocolate, continuing to champion its worldwide success in co-operation with its new owners, Cadburys.

Jo shares how, despite widespread global availability, Green & Blacks retains it’s luxury cachet and it’s ethical Fairtrade roots. She also talks about the many lessons learned along the path to business success, including the emotional aspect of building a brand and then ‘letting go’, when it’s sold on, as well as the importance of design, branding, PR and marketing.

An award-winning author & journalist, Jo is author of a series best-selling books on health and beauty – including the worldwide smash The Beauty Bible – and is a regular columnist, feature-writer and journalist for the world’s leading magazines. She is also co-author with Craig Sams of Sweet Dreams: The Story of Green & Black’s.

For the last few years Jo has been in rapidly increasing demand as a speaker at conferences, women’s entrepreneurial events, networking occasions (and occasionally as an after-dinner speaker), including for HSBC, O2, Business Link, National Women’s Enterprise Day Ireland and Accenture, among many other clients.


Lt. Col. Chris Gibson, MBE

Chris is a highly decorated Army officer, having served in many specialist military operations, including special forces teams.

After graduating from the NHS Staff College, he was appointed The Chief Instructor of the Army Medical Services Training Centre.

In 1994 Chris was challenged to lead a team of 1,200 personnel, including NHS volunteers, tasked with combating the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa. At the outset, they were given less than a 1% chance of success. Against all expectations, they succeeded in their mission.

In recognition of this achievement, Chris was awarded an MBE, The Health Service Journal Special Recognition Award and named Ideas UK’s Innovator of the Year 2017-18.

Most recently, Chris has been appointed by the government as a special advisor to the London Ambulance Service, Ministry of Justice.

He is a highly respected strategist, innovator and keynote speaker.

Sandra Lee-Jo

Innovation is creativity with execution. It requires thinking big as well as the ability to execute.  The Digital Innovation lead is responsible for customer engagements and shaping the delivery of the program utilizing Amazon mechanisms like Working Backwards, driving resultant prototypes and scaled solutions.

Sandra Lee-Joe is a Digital Innovation Business Development Lead with a focus on EMEA Capital Markets and Insurance.  Over the last four years she has been leading the Innovation program within Global Accounts. She runs Digital Innovation sessions around refinery planning, working capital projects, upstream engineering to supply planning in Oil & Gas, plus healthcare life sciences projects such as when to transition patients to biologics, electronic health records and bridging the communication gap with Healthcare professionals across the patient journey.

Sandra is based out of London for Amazon Web Services (AWS) – a subsidiary of Amazon.com Inc – which she joined in February 2016. Sandra came to Amazon from Microsoft where she has spent 12+ years mostly in field Sales roles in Australia and New York.  She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), a Masters of Business Administration and over the last 10 years has studied Sociology, Graphic Design and Photography.  She has lived and worked in Sydney, New York and London.

Mark Cuddigan

Mark joined Ella’s Kitchen in August 2011, drawn to a company whose founding mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food.  This purpose permeated throughout the business and continues to be a guiding principle today.

Mark is a passionate advocate of business being used as a force for good and through his leadership at Ella’s, he exemplifies how a business can be both profitable and purposeful.

In February 2016 Ella’s Kitchen certified as a B Corporation, becoming only the second company to do so whilst part of a PLC. The first being Ben & Jerry’s at Unilever.

Mark is a member of the B Lab board, a UK registered charity that supports certified B Corps in the UK – businesses that give equal standing to people, planet and profit.  A demonstrative example of this is that Ella’s have committed to becoming net zero by 2030.

Ella’s Kitchen was acquired by The Hain Celestial Group Inc. in May 2013, and since then the turnover of Ella’s has grown from £41m to £73m.

Ella’s Kitchen caught the zeitgeist of our times and has really connected with parents and most importantly kids. The brand is now sold in over 33 countries; every second of every day someone, somewhere around the world, eats an Ella’s Kitchen product.

Mark previously worked in FMCG and ran his own companies like Dormen’s for 15 years.

Simon Hartley, MSc.

Simon Hartley is a globally respected sport psychology consultant and performance coach. For over 20 years, Simon has worked with gold medallists, world record holders, world champions, top five world-ranked professional athletes, Olympians and championship winning teams.

Since 2011, Simon has published eight books, including How To Herd Cats; Leading A Team of Independent Thinkers and Stronger Together; How Great Teams Work.

During the last 10 years, Simon has also applied the principles of sport psychology to business, education, healthcare and the charity sector. This has included projects with some of the world’s leading corporations and foremost executives. He is also an international professional speaker, delivering keynotes throughout the world.

For more information on Simon, please visit www.be-world-class.com