Why great ideas are a NIGHTMARE!

There’s a counter-intuitive notion.

How on Earth could great ideas be a nightmare?

Great ideas are great… right?


Well, possibly.


This time last year, a few weeks into Lockdown 1, I had a sizeable challenge. Within the space of a couple of hours, my diary had completely emptied. Events had been cancelled. Clients had put projects on hold. The world was in free-fall and people were in various states of panic.

In times like this, my entrepreneurial brain kicks in and starts to produce a steady stream of ideas. Don’t get me wrong… in itself, this is not a bad thing! In fact, it’s a very good thing.

However, if the flood waters start to rise uncontrollably, it’s not long before you start to drown!!

And that’s where I found myself… drowning in a sea of great ideas.


You may have noticed our Monday Meme this week…

“There’s nothing more distracting than a head full of great ideas”.


For years, I’ve been advising clients, “Don’t let your brain dump become your things-to-do list”. In my experience, an unfiltered ‘things-to-do list’ is a guaranteed path to becoming very busy, but not particularly productive.

The problem is, I’d captured my ideas as a brain dump, and then started to convert it into a ‘things-to-do’. I was trying to action it all. Worse still, I was trying to do it all at the same time!

(It sounds like a good time to take my own advice 😊.)


One Friday afternoon, a couple of weeks into Lockdown 1, I crashed into an exhausted heap… and it dawned on me…

Imagine a dog running so fast to chase its tail, it actually starts to create a whirlwind. That was me! That’s exactly what I’d been doing!!

I remembered my own advice…

Not all of these ideas are equal.

Some are stronger than others.

Don’t focus on all of them.

Focus on the better ones.


What’s that old saying…?

“The fox that chases two rabbits dies hungry”.

It’s better to commit to one and make it work than chase them all.

It was time to focus and commit!


And with that, I rediscovered a little sanity.


Does this resonate with you?

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This post is taken from an edition of The Insight