Mental Toughness in Five Steps

Mental Toughness in Five Steps.

Imagine if you had the mind of an Olympic athlete… or a World Class Performer.

… if you had the mental toughness

… the tenacity. resilience & composure


… their focus, confidence & motivation.

What could you achieve?

Mental Toughness in Five Steps gives you the platform!

Five Steps

Part 1 (free)

Master Mental Toughness

Part 2 (Free)

The Mind of a World Class Performer

Part 3

A World Class Mental Game!

Part 1

During Part 1, you will discover a simple & powerful five-stage process to Master Mental Toughness.

  • Learn the powerful five-stage process to Mastering Mental Toughness.
  • Find out how to build tenacity, resilience & composure. Discover how a World Class Mindset can elevate your performance and results.
  • Apply these powerful approaches to your own performance.


Part 2

Imagine if you had the mind of a World Class Performer. 

What could you achieve? 

  • Create the vision for a World Class Mindset.
  • Discover how a World Class Mindset can elevate your performance and results.
  • Find out how much more you could achieve with a World Class Mindset.


Part 3

Today, we take a deep-dive, and discover how to build a World Class Mental Game! 

  • Learn how to Hone Focus
  • Discover how to Control Confidence.
  • Find out how to Master Motivation.

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simon hartley

I am passionate about helping individuals and organisations to maximise their performance, realise their potential and work towards becoming world class in their chosen field.

For over 20 years I’ve been working in elite and professional sport as a sport psychology consultant and performance coach. I’ve coached Olympians, world class athletes, world champions, world record holders and international teams to success.

Now… I’d like to help you.

Founder, Be World Class


I know it sounds cheesy, but this genuinely changed my life!

Chris Cook, Olympic Swimmer

Wow… So many light-bulb moments! 


Jacky Hodges

So good, I’ve recommended it to my clients!

John Gellett

This was a game changer for me!! 

It was a revelation!

A BIG thumbs up from me.

Dino Tartaglia