Lift The Lid on World Class Performance

Imagine if you could take a look inside a world champion’s mind. If you could lift the lid, and peer inside the head of a world record breaker, what would you see? What is it that enables the world’s best to achieve extraordinary feats? What makes them tick? How do they think? Imagine how that knowledge could help you and your team. What could it do for your performance and results?

Would you like to take a look?

The Be World Class Conference gives you a unique insight into world class performance.

Working with world class athletes and sports teams for many years led me to ask ‘What is it that makes some people exceptional? What differentiates them from the ones who almost made it?’

At the conferences I will interview outstanding performers from a diverse range of fields, from a twice Michelin starred chef to a double world champion athlete, to unearth their world-beating traits and how these can be transferred into business and life.

As a sport psychologist, I want to get underneath the skin. I want to understand how world class performers think, how they make their decisions, how they respond to challenges and to set-backs”.

During the Conference, we’ll share both their inspiration and a host of amazing insights.

We’re going to put you in the shoes of our world class speakers. We’ll present you with a real life challenge that our speakers have encountered and ask what you would do in that situation.”

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Gain unique insights and inspiration from outstanding performers

Once we understand what differentiates world class performers, we can start to adopt those traits and build them into our own performance. In today’s challenging climate many business leaders are actively seeking new ways to achieve growth and leapfrog the competition.

Now you can learn winning techniques from outstanding performers. The 2012 Be World Class Conferences will be held in Newcastle and Leeds on October 18 and 25 respectively. The inspirational speakers include:

·       Athlete Andy McMenemy, who completed 66 marathons in 66 days at the age of 50

·       Award winning, twice Michelin starred chef, Kenny Atkinson

·       CEO of the internationally renowned Centre for Life in Newcastle, Linda Conlon

·       The UK’s first ever World Barista Champion, James Hoffmann

What you will take away:

  • What differentiates truly World Class organisations and individuals from the rest.
  • The key elements that underpin World Class performance.
  • You will learn from the experiences of World Class performers and leaders of World Class organisations, and discover the secrets to their enduring success.
  • The inspiration to become World Class in your chosen field.
  • The knowledge to give your business a truly competitive edge and to stay on track in turbulent economic times

Make yourself extraordinary by learning from those who have already done so.

Who should attend?

Ambitious business owners, CEOs and MDs who seek to leapfrog their competitors by adopting the attributes and attitudes of world class performers.

When: Centre for Life, Newcastle – 18th October 2012

Royal Armouries, Leeds – 25th October 2012

Price: £125 +VAT with this special discount. Remember to use the promo code “HART125

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