How To Inspire


I’m a great believer in the power of simplicity. I often find myself looking for the simplicity in those things that appear complicated. I look for simple ways to answer difficult questions. Many leaders have asked me, “How do you inspire other people?”. I suspect that there are many possible ways. One that really resonates with me is to help people understand the value that they bring. Show them why their contribution is important and how other people benefit from it. How do they make their world a better place? Our feedback can have a profound impact. Seemingly small differences in our message can make a huge difference in the way we inspire people. When we praise someone or thank them, we have an opportunity to inspire them. However, we don’t always make the most of the opportunity. Our praise might leave people feeling pretty good, but not necessarily inspired. I’ll give you an example from my own experience. Here are some of the Amazon reviews for one of my books, “How To Shine”.

These are all 5 star reviews.


Ken Way wrote…

This is a lovely ‘easy to read’ book that contains great messages for all walks of life. The author searched for the success ingredients of very different people – distilling their experiences and learning into some easy-to-apply tips – and in the process has produced a book that makes for a really practical read. If you’re wondering how you can live to your true potential, no matter what your background or ambition, then ‘How to Shine’ is a great place to start.


Teresa Molly wrote…

I bought this book for my son for Christmas. How delighted he was ! The book is full of inspirational information and I knew he was very pleased.


Adnan Al-mahrouq wrote…

How To Shine: Insights into unlocking your potential from proven… – highly recommended to all! A great read and reasonably priced.    


As the author, I am very grateful for all three. The words of praise are really kind. Having written the book, it is hard not to feel good when reading them. It is always great to know that people like the book that I wrote. However, there is one review that really inspires me to keep writing.


SMK wrote…

I used to make fear based decisions and not take any risks at all. This book was a foundation for me to, literally, get on a 17 1/2 hour (2 plane exchange) International flight to Korea. And, I loved it! I loved flying, I loved the country, the culture, the people and I had the best time of my entire life. I gained confidence that no one can take away from me. And, I am fearless. I have peace and I believe in myself for the first time in my entire life. Now, literally, the whole world has opened up for me. I can go anywhere and I can do anything. I was a housewife and now I am getting training and a career and I’m independent. This book changed my life and I am forever grateful. A must read. The best money you will ever spend on a book. Seriously.


Wow. When I read those words, it reignites my need to help people find this book, to write more books and help more people to change their lives. It helps me to understand the value that I bring and how I make a contribution. It connects with my ‘why’; to my purpose and my passion. It speaks to the core of who I am and the reason that I do what I do. Knowing that I helped someone to change their life is inspiring. Thank you ‘SMK’, you have inspired me!

The question is, how can you use this simple understanding to inspire others?