Executive Coaching


If we could…

  • Increase your focus and effectiveness.
  • Help you to inspire your team with motivation and belief.
  • Develop Mental Toughness; resilience, tenacity and composure.
  • Help you to take on the ‘impossible’ challenges and adopt the characteristics of world class performers.

Would you…

  • Deliver better performance?
  • And…better results?

“We coach people to become World Class. We don’t tell Executives how to run their businesses, we help them run their mind. We help athletes to produce World Class performances without being their technical coach. What we do is to help people dissolve the frustrations and barriers that are limiting them. We enable them to be more effective and productive, to perform better and more consistently.

It’s entirely driven by your needs. You challenges and frustrations are the target. We will dismantle whatever it is that is holding you back, whatever it is that comes between you and your goals.” Simon Hartley, Founder of Be World Class.

For Example…

Managing Partner of a market leading Law Firm – a man who never had enough hours in the day or days in the week.

  • Helped him to gain more clarity and find his “Two Lengths of the Pool”
  • Increased his personal effectiveness.
  • Allowed him to become more strategic.
  • Assisted him to focus the team on their strategic priorities.
  • Develop better business leadership.

Managing Director of a large manufacturing company – a man who needed to boost performance in tough times.

  • Honed his focus and clarified the challenge.
  • Clarified his vision and helped him communicate it to his teams, which lead to better teamwork.
  • Increased his personal effectiveness.
  • Helped him to increase the performance of those around him.