Don’t read this… It’s rubbish!

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Don’t read this… It’s rubbish!

It’s a relatively short ‘Midweek Musing’ this week.

Back in 2012 I wrote a book called ‘How to Shine’. It’s all about how ordinary people become world class and outlines the eight common characteristics that differentiate world class performers.
At the end of the final chapter, I wrote this…

“If I could sum up what I’ve learned in one sentence it would be this.
Do what you love and love what you do”.

And, at the time, I was pretty happy with it.
But then people challenged me.

“I don’t enjoy what I do.

This is not my passion.

This is just a job.

Are you saying I should quit my job and follow my passion? Are you suggesting I try to make money from my hobby?”


It’s a really good point!!

After reflecting on it, I’ve come to a slightly different conclusion. If I were to write it again, my final statement would read…

“Do more of what you love. Love more of what you do.”

I do still find people saying, “That’s okay for you, but my job is not a barrel of laughs”.

I get that.

But there’s still a way to do MORE of what you love and start to love MORE of what you do.

It can start really simply, by focusing on what you don’t hate… then looking for what you like a bit… and what you like quite a lot… and maybe even what you could love. We don’t have to leap from hate to love. We can start by taking baby steps.

If you’d like to find out more, there’s an episode in Be World Class TV (Month One – World Class Mindset) called “Should – Need – Want”, which explains the process in more detail.

To get started, simply hit the link…

Have a great day!!