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World Class Mindset

5 hours


Build a great mental game, by adopting the approaches and methods used by world class athletes and Olympians.

Have you ever noticed that world champions, world number ones and world record holders are often not the most naturally gifted, but those who have the right mindset?

The winners are often not those with the greatest innate talent, but those who produce their best when it matters.

Champions are focused, confident, motivated and composed under pressure. They have the determination, toughness, persistence, drive and resilience. Simply put, they have the mindset, the attitude and the character.

We all know that’s what you need to be successful, but how do you develop it? How do you create a ‘champion mindset’? How can you engineer your ‘mental game’ and that of your team?

How can you develop critical characteristics such as resilience, tenacity and perseverance?

During this session, Simon will share his insights and experiences of coaching ‘the mental game’ with world class athletes, Olympians, elite professional players and business leaders. He will share tools and methods that you can use to create a ‘champion mindset’ in their own business.

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