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World Class Leadership Espresso – UPGRADE

45 minutes

Just £20

How can you develop World Class Leadership?


This programme builds on our FREE World Class Leadership Espresso.

(if you haven’t already found it, click HERE and hit the button at the foot of the page)


During the Espresso, we shared the ‘Deep Dive’ episode from the first World Class Leadership month of Be World Class TV.

We explored the Five Keys to World Class Leadership and how to systematically develop them.


In this UPGRADE programme, we share the other three episodes from the first World Class Leadership month.

You will find simple but powerful principles that are used by world class leaders.


  • “On… Empowerment” – in which you’ll hear directly from a victorious Clipper round-the-world yacht skipper, and discover how he empowered a crew of amateur sailors to sail the boat across the toughest oceans on Earth.
  • “On… Investment” – when we’ll be joined by a Michelin star chef, and find out how he invests into his people – not just their skills and knowledge… but also their passion!
  • “Leadership from the animal kingdom” – where we’ll learn from the very best leaders on the planet! We’ll discover how leadership works in elephant herds, Orca pods and even flocks of pigeons.


  • “How to engineer cultural drift”



Okay. Let’s get started!!


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to engineer a truly great mindset!

  • Business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High Performance Directors
  • Teachers
  • Coaches

and many more.


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