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World Class Culture

90 minutes

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How can you create a truly great culture?


Culture is a little bit like weather.

There’s never no weather. Equally, we never have no culture.

The question is…

Do we have the culture that we want… or not?


If our culture is what we say and do, every day…

Are people saying and doing the right things?

And if not, how do we get them saying and doing great things?


During this Masterclass, we will discover the simple but powerful method that Simon has used to help drive high performance cultures in elite & international sports teams, and world leading businesses.


Would that be useful?

If so, let’s get started!!


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to positive drive the culture of their organisation.

  • CEOs, MDs & Executives.
  • Performance Directors.
  • Head Coaches.


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