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World Class Business Masterclass

20 hours


The complete collection of World Class Business Masterclasses…

World Class Mindset – 5 hours – Build a great mental game, by adopting the approaches and methods used by world class athletes and Olympians. And, learn how to develop critical characteristics of success; such as resilience, tenacity, discipline and consistency.

How to adopt Olympic Thinking – 5 hours – Adopt the principles, approaches and methods used by gold medal winning Olympic programmes. Learn how to recruit world class talent, develop world class potential and then turn potential into results.

World Class Leadership – 5 hours – Discover the keys to world class leadership and how to adopt these principles to drive your own leadership.

World Class Teams – 5 hours – Systematically develop the six key characteristics of world class teams within your own teams.

All of this… in your own time… from your own desk.

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