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The Six Pillars of Mental & Emotional Health

2 hours


Create a solid base for mental and emotional health.

How do you stay mentally and emotionally healthy during challenging times?


How can you help your people stay healthy too?

The challenges are changing!

In particular, the mental and emotional challenges are changing.

The immediate anxiety and shock could be replaced by boredom and isolation.

Novelty and energy could become exhaustion.

People’s relationships could get stretched to their limits.

And those are just a few of the changes we can predict!

The truth is, we don’t know what lies in wait… just over the horizon.

How can you maintain your energy… mood… and positivity?

How can you stay motivated and resilient?

What can we do to stay mentally and emotionally healthy through the myriad of challenges that will come our way?

During this session, I will share six pillars of mental and emotional health.

Create your own personal strategies.
Build the six pillars of mental & emotional health.
Help other people build theirs!

We will create personal strategies that will enable you to maintain your mental and emotional health.


Help those around you do the same.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs… business leaders… teachers… coaches… and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy mind and help others stay healthy too.

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