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How to Develop Mindset & Character in Your People

90 minutes

Just £20

What attributes do you want in your people?


When I ask this question in business, I consistently hear the same answers.


We need them to be more focused, confident, motivated.

We need them to step outside of their comfort zone.

We need them to be more resilient, determined, innovative, empathetic, courageous…

We need them to take responsibility, be accountable and hold others to account.

We need people with higher standards.

We need self-starters.

We need better team players.

We need stronger leaders and better decision makers.


Many leaders recognise they need these attributes in their people.

But how can we develop them?


During this session, Simon Hartley will share methods and approaches that he has successfully used to develop mindset and character in elite athletes, world class performers, world leading executives, emerging business leaders and entrepreneurs for almost 25 years.




Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to develop mindset and character in their people.

  • CEOs, MDs & Executives.
  • Sports Coaches.
  • HR and Learning & Development professionals.


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