Create And Control Confidence 3-Day Challenge


Join one of the UK’s leading performance coaches, Simon Hartley, for this Three Day Challenge and discover simple but hugely powerful approaches to help you:


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– Navigate Performance Spirals –
– Improve Focus –
– Manage Confidence –
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Monday 28th of November 2022 – Live sessions with Simon daily 3 pm-4 pm.

Limited places available, to enhance your learning outcomes!

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What we will cover in the three days!

During this FREE Challenge, you’ll learn how to:


Manage performance spirals; to eliminate negative behaviour patterns.

Apply proven tactics and techniques to maintain focus.

Develop sustainable confidence traits, where I hope becomes I know.

There will be a little bit of work to do too, but by day 3 you’ll have the tools and tactics to help build a more positive and purposeful mindset.

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How the Create & Control Confidence Challenge works:

A video with details of a task will drop into the challenge Facebook Group each morning at 6am.

A supporting downloadable worksheet will guide you through each of the tasks.

The Challenge team will be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions you may have about the task.

At 3pm each day we’ll join Simon Hartley LIVE for a one-hour coaching session.


Commit two hours a day for three days and you could change your mindset for good!


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Don’t just listen to us… 

Chris Cook

Former Team GB Olympic athlete turned entrepreneur business owner.

“When I started working with Simon, I was plagued by competitive anxiety. I knew I was nowhere near my potential. I knew there was so much more to get. Working with Simon gave me so much. I learned about how commitment truly works. I learned
about how to build self-belief and how stay motivated day-in day-out for years!”

Diane Watson

Serial Entrepreneur

“Simon has given me clarity of purpose, vision and values. His support work is really practical and tangible, not wishy washy! Most importantly, it’s been really easy to digest and put it all into practice.”

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About Simon Hartley

Simon is one of the UK’s leading performance coaches.

He has worked with and studied hundreds of genuinely world-class performers.

From world and Olympic champions and world record breakers to Michelin-starred chefs and leaders in business, over the years he has developed a deep insight into what makes for a truly successful mindset.

An award-winning keynote speaker and the author of several books on performance psychology, Simon has also created several digital programmes, including his new flagship course:


To find out more, visit:


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