Two Lengths of the Pool: Sometimes the simplest ideas have the greatest impact

What will this book give you? “Clarity; laser focused clarity!” – World record breaking athlete, Andy McMenemy. Do you ever feel as if you’ve got too much to do, and too little time to do it? Are there just too many competing demands? Are you fighting too many battles, on too many fronts? Do you find yourself working incredibly hard, but struggling to be productive? This book will help you to simplify and clarify what you do. It will help you develop razor sharp focus. Razor sharp focus will help you to become infinitely more effective. It will give you ever greater productivity, improved performance and ultimately better results. Imagine if you could have the intense focus of an Olympic athlete. How much more effective could you be? How much more productive would you be if we cleared out the clutter and distraction that are holding you back? What if you could help those around you do the same? You can now apply the simple principles that have helped transform the performance of Olympians, championship winning sports teams and highly successful businesses. The principles contained in this book have literally helped athletes become world class. “The concept works – it allows you to focus on what is vital for your business, what it is that you are truly looking to achieve. More importantly, it gives you a powerful yet practical and simple method to achieving this”, Mark Ions, Managing Director at Exclusive Ltd. There’s also a stack of free bonus material that you can access once you’ve read this book. So, don’t delay. Take control of your performance today!