World Class Performance Coaches

“What do you want in your people?”

When I ask this question in business, I consistently hear the same answers.

We need them to be more focused, confident, motivated.

We need them to step outside of their comfort zone.

We need them to be more resilient, determined, innovative, empathetic, courageous…

We need them to take responsibility, be accountable and hold others to account.

We need people with higher standards.

We need self-starters.

We need better team players.

We need stronger leaders and better decision makers.

We know how critical these attributes are!

And that’s why we’ve created the World Class Performance program.

This is a comprehensive 12 month coaching journey that develops all of these great attributes and more.

We start with a month on World Class Mindset… then Character… Mental Toughness and World Class Thinking.

In the second half of the programme, we spend two months on World Class Leadership, a dedicated month on how to lead through influence, and two months on how to build World Class Teams.

It is designed to equip current and future leaders for the challenges ahead.

How is this delivered?

To optimise learning, we use a combination of

  • 1-2-1 coaching


  • Peer coaching

         supported by 

The programme has the flexibility to be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

How can you get involved?

Until now, you would need to bring in a certified World Class Performance coach to deliver this programme, at a cost of around £2500 + VAT per person.

However, as a Learning & Development professional, you can now become a World Class Performance coach.

You could deliver the programme internally at a fraction of the cost!

Rather than £2500 + VAT per person, you could deliver incredible programme this for just £300 per person!

21 for 2021

We’re taking on just 21 new World Class Performance coaches for 2021.

To ensure our 21 coaches are set and ready to go in January…

We’re taking applications during October.

Interviewing during November


Training during December.

We’ll then provide comprehensive on-going support to all of our new coaches throughout 2021.

To apply…

If you’d like to apply, please drop me a line to let me know why you’re passionate about the programme, and the impact it could have on your people.