This Is Mental

This programme helps ambitious high performers to achieve their biggest, hairiest, and most audacious goals in 90 days… and wrap the adventure into a TV show.


Is it for you?

What’s your biggest, hairiest, most audacious goal?

It could be something that you’ve parked in “one day aisle” … waiting for the right time that never seems to come.

You may have put it on the back burner because it’s the scary one.

Or maybe a lack of self-belief has been holding you back.


It’s the kind of challenge that makes you think…

“Wow! If I could do that, I could do anything!”


It could be something like…

Speaking on stage?… Delivering a TEDx?

Publishing your book?

Flying a plane?

Jumping out of a plane?

Climbing a mountain?

Swimming the channel?

Sailing across an ocean?

Running the Marathon des Sables?


Building a million-pound business?


Whatever it is, the chances are that when you achieve it, it’ll change your life.

What would you LOVE to do?



What’s stopping you?



If the answer is, “I guess the only thing stopping me is me”, dive a little deeper.


More importantly…

Do you really want to achieve it?

I’m serious!

The clock is ticking. If not now… when?

Do you genuinely want to make it happen?

Do you want to turn it from a ‘bucket list thing’ into a life-changing experience?


If you are serious, we should have a conversation!


I’m looking for just four people who want to achieve a life-changing goal in just 90 days.

I’m going to invest serious time, effort and focus into these four people over 90 days.

Together, we’re going to achieve their biggest, wildest goals.

It’s going to be intense!

It’ll probably be emotional!!

It’ll definitely be epic!!!

At the end of it all, you’ll be transformed… maybe even unstoppable.


And… we’re going to wrap it all up in a TV show 😊.

And whilst the pilot may not be broadcast on mainstream television, you will be able to share your adventure with friends & family and inspire thousands of others.


There will only be four people in the pilot programme.

We kick off on 1st September.


So, if you’re interested, let’s chat.



Is There A Cost?

Full disclosure… it’s not free 😊.

But… the pilot programme will be HALF PRICE!


And, it’ll be worth every penny!


Full Disclosure.

We can only take four people in the pilot programme.

We won’t take everyone.

There will be a selection process!


The output for this pilot programme will not be through broadcast television. You won’t be on ITV or Channel 4. But we will publish the documentary on streaming channels through a variety of high quality longer and shorter form pieces. It will give you a fantastic way to look back on your challenge and share it with many thousands of others.


To Get Started…

Email me and we’ll line up a conversation.