The Be World Class 50!

Your route to World Class Performance.

A twelve month journey to develop…

  • Relentless Focus
  • Resilience
  • World Class Thinking
  • The characteristics of World Class Performers
  • The belief to take on ‘impossible’ challenges

and much more!

Our mission is to keep you relentlessly focused and help power you towards success!

Be inspired.

Find clarity.

Join an exclusive group of like-minded people… all striving to achieve their potential.

Build strong, lasting relationships.

Overcome your greatest challenges.

How does it work?

Join us for two interactive 90-minute sessions per month on Zoom, delivered by Be World Class founder, Simon Hartley.

Simon will also provide on-going support through the dedicated Be World Class 50! Facebook Group.


You will have unlimited access to Be World Class TV.


All of this for just… £100.00 per month.

Joining a Group.

If you’re interested in joining, please Book-A-Call with Simon