Conference Affiliate – Promotional Ideas


Promotional Ideas


Here are a few places you can add links to refer people into us.


Your Social Media Channels


Clearly one of the easiest places to refer people to us is on your social media channels.  Just sharing the link with a small intro can be a great way to start getting people into us.

We would suggest you avoid driving people to us from groups and pages you don’t own or at least make sure the page admins have given you permission.  After all we don’t want to get anyone into any trouble.


Your Website


We would suggest adding link to us on any resources page or useful partners pages.  This way it is a soft referral into us. This is a nice way to build out referrals.

Your ‘thank you’ pages are also a great way to get people referred into us.  After all they are in the buying mood as they have just bought from you. This is a nice subtle way to drive enquiries.


Your Blog


You could write about your experience with us as a review.  Independent reviews are a great way to build in trust and get referrals into us.

You can also use your blog to write content around our topic and then link to us as a resource.

Or you could write an article about the five tools or services you used to grow you business or the three tools every business owners needs to consider to grow their leads online.

There are endless possibilities.


Your Lead Magnets


One thing we see lots of the top affiliates and site owners doing is creating lead magnets such as rolodexes / black books / recommended tools guides.  In this way, you are building your email list and when people download your magnet they get presented with some useful content that also have links to affiliate programmes.  This is a sort approach and one we recommend all business owners should be investigating.


Your Email Newsletter


If you have newsletter you could include some kind of commentary or even an advert referring people to us.




Hopefully as you can see there are some simple ways to refer people to us, and these can be built into your normal every day activities, so once these things are live, you can simply focus on growing your business and this will filter down into referrals to us.

There are lots of ways to promote what we can offer so if there is something you would like help with putting together please do get in touch.