CEO Central

A world-class forum for CEOs & MDs.

“It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.”

The Why.

Being a CEO is a pretty unique experience. It’s a role that comes with an extreme & diverse set of demands, responsibilities, pressures, challenges and wrestles. It’s often hard to explain these to other people. I suspect you can only truly understand it by living it. Often the only people that genuinely ‘get it’ are other CEOs.

That’s why we’ve created CEO Central.

CEO Central is a community for purpose-driven, high-performing, people-focused CEOs and MDs.

It is a community of peers… people who know what it’s like to be a CEO… people who have walked the path and understand the challenges.

It is a place to meet, talk and connect… to share challenges, gain insights, pick up ideas and be inspired.

The What.

Primarily, this is a Forum for you to connect with other CEOs and discuss issues & challenges. To help, we will share a variety of thought provoking…

  • Questions.
  • Articles & posts.
  • Videos.
  • Be World Class TV episodes.
  • Pep Talks & podcast episodes.
  • FREE digital programmes
  • And much more.

All of these are packed with insight and inspiration, to ignite you thinking.

As a member of CEO Central, we will also invite you to a FREE Online Masterclass every month. Each of these is specifically designed to help you develop a World Class Mindset in yourself and your people.

December 2020 – How to Emerge in Pole Position

January 2021 – How to Develop Innovation & Entrepreneurial Thinking

February 2021 – How to Build Resilience

March 2021 – World Class Mindset

April 2021 – World Class Teams

May 2021 – How to Develop Character

June 2021 – How to Recruit on Character

July 2021 – World Class Leadership

August 2021 – How to Herd Cats

September 2021 – How to Drive World Class Performance

October 2021 – How to Build a World Class Culture

Is There A Cost?

For the first 60 days, all of this is entirely FREE.

So, come aboard and see what you make of it.

Obviously, I hope you like it and gain enormous value from it.

If you’d like to continue after the FREE 60 days, you’ll need to make a small investment of just £50 (+VAT) per month.

If not, simply cancel and enjoy the value you’ve gained.

If you’d like to take a look and see what it’s all about, simply click the link below. It will take you to a shopping cart page. As you’ll see, there’s nothing to pay until after the free 60 days and you can cancel at any time.

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