What Has Made Team GB So Successful?

Have we simply got a wealth of sporting talent? Is this just a crop of athletes with exceptional natural talent? Are they just lucky? Are they gaining some form of ‘super-power’ from the crowds that are cheering them on?

Why is it that some sports are incredibly successful and others seem to be lagging behind? Are British athletes simply born to ride bicycles?

Here’s my view, as an insider, on why we’re seeing so much success from some of our Olympic programmes (interviews with Gail Powell for ‘Feel Good Factor‘ on Sine FM).

Simon Hartley on… The Success of Team GB Olympic Athletes in London 2012

and also my views on why some athletes are disappointed with Silver medals, whilst others are delighted

Simon Hartley on… Winning Olympic Silver

and how we can all be successful by adopting the traits of Olympic athletes and world-class performers

Simon Hartley on… Peak Performance and How To Shine

In my experience, success is not a result of ‘talent’, ‘chance’, ‘luck’ or even opportunity.

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