Performance Consultancy


What’s the magic ingredient?


How do you create a dynasty? How to you go beyond a single championship win and regularly challenge for the title? How do you become the Bayern Munich, Manchester United or New England Patriots of your industry? How do you achieve world-class success consistently over many years?

Have you ever noticed that the success of a sports team, club or organisation, can fluctuate wildly from season to season? Often, their success is dependent upon the personnel that they have at the time. For example, it could be that the successes are due to a great head coach or ‘star’ players. In sport, it is possible for a small handful of people to have a big impact on the results. However, that’s not a very sustainable system. What if that team loses their head coach, or their star players get injured?

Often, when a head coach changes, so does the entire performance strategy. There are often major changes in the backroom staff, the playing staff, and the approaches to training, conditioning and preparation. If an organisation makes wholesale changes to the performance strategy when they change their head coach, no wonder their performances fluctuate so wildly too.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Most owners, CEOs and GMs are in the sports performance enhancement business. They realise that the success of the organisation is closely linked with success on the field. Therefore, it makes good sense to have a stable and enduring performance strategy that ensures that the organisation consistently builds and gets stronger year-on-year.

“Our aim is not just to create one–off success, but the ability to be in championship contention consistently. There are a few clubs that have managed to achieve this for a period, such as the New England Patriots in the NFL, Bayern Munich in the Champion’s League, Man Utd in the EPL and the Crusaders in Super Rugby. Although they may not win the championship every year, they are regularly in contention.

I work with those organisations that cannot simply buy their way to success. I choose to work with those who know they need to out-think their competition, rather than out-spend them”. Simon Hartley.

Be World Class currently provides over-arching Sports Performance Consultancy to a number of elite professional sports clubs and franchises; in essence, an out-sourced Performance Director. Using our ‘World Class Organisational Dashboard’, we develop and implement long-term performance strategies that ensures the organisation improves year-on-year and delivers sustained success.