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How to Emerge in Pole Position

4 hours


How can you emerge stronger?

As the world begins the slow and uncertain transition from full lockdown, many business leaders & entrepreneurs are facing anxieties and questions for the months and years ahead;

  • Will business return to normal – if not- what does the ‘new’ normal look like?
  • How do I continue to engage, inspire and motivate my team throughout this adversity?
  • How can I lead my team to take on these enormous challenges?
  • How can we build our pipeline… secure our cash-flow… and continue to find innovative solutions?

The truth is, this moment is a rare and unique opportunity to reflect on ‘traditional’ business practices, to reassess our priorities and goals, and to emerge from this pandemic as a stronger and more resilient organisation.

To embrace this moment, we have created this Masterclass!

We’ve brought together a panel of global leadership experts who have overcome adversity, led teams through challenging times and come out the other side stronger.

Throughout the Masterclass, our panel will demonstrate how you can;

  • Unleash a more nimble, agile and risk tolerant business and grow your pipeline through embracing digital working and communication
  •  Develop the mindset to take on extreme challenges and to cultivate the characteristics of mental toughness – tenacity, resilience and composure
  •  Understand the importance of cash-flow during a crisis, and the tools you need to manage yours both now and post-COVID
  •  Harness innovation and creativity in your working practices to inspire your teams and to grow your business

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to embrace the opportunities and emerge stronger.

** Special Offer **

During Lockdown, you can get this programme for just £200.00

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