How To Herd Cats: Leading a Team of Independent Thinkers

Leaders have a unique challenge. How do you galvanise a team of human beings, each of whom has their own individual set of thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs? How do you pull together a senior leadership team, who may also bring their agendas, egos and self-interests? How do you resolve the difference between the desires of an individual and the needs of the team? That can be a pretty tough challenge for leaders that have a team of employees. Some leaders, such as Managing Partners, have the added complexity of leading partners. It’s like trying to herd cats! This book helps leaders to understand how they can create a cohesive team from a disparate group of independent thinkers. “Don’t measure this book by it thickness. Measure it by the light bulbs it turns on in your head.” Richard Bosworth, Chairman of The What If? Forums. “This is a must read for anyone in a leadership role and especially those in the legal profession!” Elizabeth Ward, Principal, Virtuoso Legal.