Welcome to the Be World Class Academy

We believe that everyone can be great. Our mission is to help individuals, teams and organisations to unlock their potential and become the best they can possibly be.

We help people to maximise their performance, realise their potential and work towards to becoming world class in their field.

Now, we’d like to share those benefits with even more people.

We have established the Be World Class Academy, to help you coach others. Through the Academy, we will share our knowledge and experience, from over 20 years of working with elite teams and performers from sport, business, education and healthcare.

What is the Be World Class Academy?

The Academy is a practitioner education and development programme. It is designed to help anyone that coaches other people to improve their performance; for example…

  • Sport psychologists and sport psych students, mental trainers and performance coaches.
  • Business coaches and management consultants.
  • Leaders and managers from sport, business, education, healthcare and the military.
  • Learning & development, and HR professionals.
  • Sports coaches & Performance Directors.

The programme is structured into 4 levels.

At each level, we focus on developing two things.

  • Become a World Class Performance Coach.
  • Build your Performance Coaching Business.

How do we do this?

Here is an outline of the four levels.

Helping you to help your clients Helping you to help more people*

Level One

Two days

How to enable people to deliver their peak performance consistently.

How to…

  • Hone Focus
  • Control Confidence
  • Master Motivation
How to engage more people

  • How to become a world authority

Level TwoFour days
How to help people to become world class.

How to…

  • Deconstruct pressure
  • Develop mental toughness
  • Develop the characteristics of world class performers
How to engage more people

  • How to become a speaker

Level ThreeFour days
How to develop world class organisations.

How to create…

  • World class teams
  • World class leaders
  • World class cultures
How to engage more people

  • How to become an author.

Level FourDesigned on an
individual basis
Co-design, co-create and co-deliver.

  • Deliver workshops, sessions and Keynotes alongside Simon Hartley and other Be World Class practitioners
Co-design, co-create and co-deliver.

  • Co-author books with Simon Hartley

We’re flexible…

If you would like to access just the “Become A Performance Coach” or “Build A Performance Coaching Business” elements, let us know.

Added Bonus!

We want to help serious and committed people to forge a successful career for themselves. So, where possible, we’re also looking to offer work experience and internship opportunities to a select group of Be World Class Academy practitioners.