World Class Recruitment

Recruit like world class organisations.

Hire on Character. 


What do you get?

  • We will enable you to recruit on character, by adopting the principles that world class organisations employ.
  • Help your organisation become “a magnet for talent”.
  • Identify the characteristics that you really need in your people.
  • Enable you to test for these characteristics during the recruitment process.
  • Assess new recruits early and de-select those who are not likely to perform.
  • Develop a process to enable new starters to become super-stars.


Phase One

Design and construct a bespoke character-focused recruitment and development process for you. Phase One focuses on recruiting one specific role (i.e. Sales Executives)

  • Identify the characteristics you want
  • Create a magnet for talent.
  • Reach the right people
  • Test for character – from advert to offer.
  • Develop new recruits; From Starters to Superstars

At the end of Phase One, you will have a number of ‘Accredited People’ that can deliver your world class recruitment process.


Phase Two

We provide close support to your ‘Accredited People’ as they deliver the recruitment process. We also review and re-iterate the process to ensure that it consistently delivers high calibre people.


Phase Three

We support your ‘Accredited People’, enabling them to extend and flex the process to any and all roles within the organisation.


Phase Four – for Recruitment Agencies

We enable your ‘Accredited People’ to extend the offering to your clients and provide a higher value service.


At the end of this process you will have:

  • High calibre recruits.
  • A robust process that allows you to recruit on character.
  • A number of Accredited People who can deliver the process internally AND to external clients.
  • The potential to differentiate your offering and provide a higher value service.

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