The Podium Club

A world-class community for ambitious performance-focused people.


What is it?

The Podium Club is a FREE community for ambitious, performance-focused people.

It’s for those who want to become the very best they can be, and help others do the same.


The community centres around fortnightly online sessions.

  • Masterclass sessions with Be World Class Founder, Simon Hartley.
  • Forum sessions where members discuss how to overcome issues & challenges.
  • Special guest sessions with world class performers & leaders.


In addition we have…

LIVE events, such as The Podium Conference


our online community hub on LinkedIn.



We understand the power of communities.

During the last few years, we’ve helped established a couple communities for specific groups – one for solo-entrepreneurs / micro-business owners, and one for Tech Leaders.

And, we’ve seen just how much value they’ve given their members!

These particular communities are great if you happen to be either a solo-entrepreneur / micro-business owner or a Tech Leader.

But what if you’re not?


That’s why we’ve created The Podium Club.

It’s here to give the same benefit to anyone that’s striving to be the best they can be!


Is There A Cost?

No, we’re providing this free of charge.


To Get Started…

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